Friday, September 18, 2009

Office Review- "Gossip"

Last night The Office's sixth season premiered on NBC. The episode is a bit of a departure from prior Office premiers, and certainly succeeded where its predecessors had stumbled.

In prior season finales, The Office usually left its fans with some sort of cliffhanger (Jim kissing Pam, the failed proposal, I could go on and on). However, last season's finale really didn't do that to the extent previously found with this series. Any fan with half a brain could tell that the big surprise in last season's finale was the Jim and Pam pregnancy (Side note: I'm starting to get tired of the JAM centric story lines on this show), but really didn't leave the fans wondering about what was next. This left the possibilities for the premier wide open.

And the writers absolutely delivered. The episode dealt a lot with the inner workings of Scranton branch, something that had somewhat fallen to the wayside last season. Secondly, this episode was the triumphant return of Michael centered storytelling. It's always fun to explore Michael's need to be included, as this episode did, and the incredibly stupid lengths he takes to achieve these goals.

The only problem I have with this episode is that most of the comedy consisted of quick-hit one liners. They were certainly funny, but I generally prefer the situational humor that The Office has utilized so well.

In all this was a worthy start to what should be a fantastic season of the best show on TV.

4.5 out of 5