Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Office Review: Season Finale

WARNING:  More spoileriffic than usual

The Office had its season finale on Thursday.  Although I was a bit disappointed that the episode was only a half an hour, as The Office usually does super-sized finalies, this was a pretty darn good episode.

It's always nice to see the entire office together outside of the Dunder Mifflin- Scranton walls.  Episodes like "Booze Cruise" and "The Convention" followed the same forumla and succeeded.  This episode was no exception.  There were plenty of those trademark awkward moments The Office is so well known for.  Michael announcing a branch closing during a comedy sketch will go down as classic moment in this show's history.

There had been a lot of internet chatter leading up to this episode about one of the main characters finding out they were pregnant in this episode.  I'm not going to give away who it was, but it wasn't my first choice.  Frankly, I was hoping that it was Angela.  I think it would have laid out some nice tension for next season, wondering if the baby was Dwight's or Andy's.  Oh well, I guess.

Lastly, Idris Elba's character, Charles, is incredibly frustrating.  I'm not a JAM fanboy like so many other fans, but it really gets annoying seeing his vendetta against Jim.  He just seems like a petty child who can't get over his disdain for another person.  I get the feeling this is what the writers are going for, but I think they're just going a bit too over-the-top with it.

Overall a good episode, and a worthy finale to a very solid season.

Rating:  4 out of 5